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Access is deniedInformation on TS Technology LLC's admission to circulation in ITS
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   29.11.2005 13:36:39
The Directorate of Interbank Trade System decided to include the three-year bonds of the TS Technology LLC, a company specializing in the production of computer technology under its own trademark, into the list of securities, admitted to ITS trades, and list these bonds under the GROWTH category of the ITS quotation list.
The Directorate of the Interbank Trade System resolved to add the two-year bonds of Marvel Juice Co open-type joint-stock company with foreign investment, producer of natural juices, fruit and vegetable, as well as mixed canned products to the List of Securities Admitted to ITS trades, and listing of these obligations in the ITS Quotation List.
The Directorate of the Interbank Trade System decided on 1 November 2005 to include into the List of Securities Admitted to the ITS trades the three-year bonds of the producer of polygraphic goods POLIFLEKS Subsidiary Enterprise and list the given bonds in the Stability category on the ITS Quotations List.


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