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According to the minutes of the general meeting of Uzbek - British joint venture JSC "MEBEL" of September 11th 2012, it was decided to accept the appeal of shareholder of PE "KALORAMA" about reinvestment of dividends accrued to him in the amount of 2,163,179,296 soums by directing them to increase the authorized capital of JV JSC "MEBEL".
During an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Ammophos-Maxam held on October 29 this year, it was decided to distribute the retained profit of the company for 2008, which was 10.9 billion soums.
September 6, 2011, the Center for Coordination and Control over the Securities Market registered new issue of ordinary registered shares of General Motors Powertrain-Uzbekistan, in the amount of 1 million shares with 139,837 soums par value (equivalent to $100 at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the date of company registration).
August 23, 2011, the State Committee of Uzbekistan for State Property Management signed the agreement on modernization of the securities market of Uzbekistan with the Korean Stock Exchange (KSE).
At the 8th of August of 2011 at the Center for coordination and control for functioning of the securities market it was registered 6th emission of the Ipoteka bank's shares.


Ruslanbek Davletov leads Ministry of justice

First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Islam Abduganievich Karimov

Purchase of foreign currency in exchange offices set to go uninterrupted

State Tourism Committee and "Milly Tiklanish" party sign Memorandum of cooperation

Export of horticultural and agricultural products in UK discussed in Tashkent

Abdulla Aripov appointed Prime Minister

Margilan set to host festival of traditional textiles "Atlas Bayrami"



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